Sneak Peek at the Balise Columbus Ave Car Wash

Tony's back in town!

This week, Tony Debarros, general manager of Balise Hyannis Car Wash and soon to be Balise Columbus Ave Car Wash, stopped by to see us...and of course, the car wash. We were eager to learn about the progression of the site since our last visit    including the arrival and installation of the wash equipment!

Tony brought us on a tour of the building and walked us through as if we were a customer pulling onto the Columbus Ave. lot from East Columbus Avenue in Springfield. The visit only made us more anxious to see the wash in action...which we hope will be this year!

When you turn into the Balise Columbus Ave Car Wash from the main road, you will drive around the right side of the building all the way around to the pay stations. These stations will be manned with team members, greeting and assisting guests in choosing the best wash and detailing service for their vehicle.

As soon as they've chosen their services and inserted their payment, the gates will open and they will pull up to the front of the car wash tunnel-- one of the most exciting features about our new car wash. The 130 ft. tunnel is one of the longest in the area.

"Our tunnel is great for many reasons    the main reason being efficiency. We are able to clean more cars and keep the line moving quicker which makes guests happy," says Tony during his visit.

When guests pull up to the tunnel entrance, attendants will be waiting to guide them in    with the car in neutral, no brakes, with wipers off. Then, they will begin to prep the vehicle as it enters the tunnel.

The goal of the Balise Columbus Ave Car Wash is to "deliver clean, shiny, dry vehicles while providing exceptional customer service." Knowing Tony and the team he's assembling in Springfield, we know that customers in Western MA are in for a treat.

Once the vehicle enters the wash, it will be "bathed" with 100% soft cloth. By using gentle, soft cloth equipment, the car is protected from damage and also receives a quick clean. Next, the vehicle will be rinsed and then blown dry with the powerful fans and blowers overhead. According to Tony, Balise went a bit overboard with equipment here in Springfield in order to ensure they are providing great service to guests.

An example of this superior service is the buff and dry equipment. The Balise Columbus Ave Car Wash is one of the only washes in New England to offer this service. The buff and dry machine is placed after the dryers and is designed to wipe dry lingering water droplets while the vehicle surfaces are gently buffed. In the end, your car comes out looking shinier than ever.

Wait, there's more.  

Once the guest exits the wash, they turn into the detailing bays (if detail was purchased at the pay stations). The automatic doors open as the vehicle approaches. This service is especially great for us New Englanders because you will never have to leave your car or step outside during the frigid winters- simply drive through the automatic detail bay doors, drop off your car and wait in the heated lounge. Stay toasty by the fire, grab yourself a coffee and enjoy the large flat screen televisions and free Wi-Fi.

Like we keep saying, we want you to love the Balise Columbus Ave Car Wash as much as you love your car. 


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